Tax Information & Form W-8 Requirements for non US Authors

Hi there i am a canadian author, Envato charges VAT from EU buyers but they do not charge any tax from USA or Canadian buyers. How will i get the 13% HST that normally gets charged when you buy something in Canada? I am not paying this out of my pocket right it would not be fair. How can i charge the 13% from USA and Canadian Buyers?
BTW the forum really sucks. Should be put back to the old forums.


hi sorry i cannot really help you when it comes to the issue about tax, what i can say however as regard to the forums is that this is something that u really have to get used to … there are some pretty good additions if compared with the previous version the only problem is the general organization indeed

Hi there

I used to spend a lot of time on the forums before it was changed. Now i cannot stand it it is an utter mess comparing it to the old forums. I have not used the forums because of the new look and how the whole thing operates. Hard to find things and everything is all bunched up. If it was organized like the old forums it would be good.



hi, indeed, i perfectly agree with you :wink: what i tried to explain is that u can manage to handle it a bit better when u are using the new forums on regular basis and thus enjoy the good additions that they have brought when u do but organization is still not as good as in the previous one, this is a fact and still requires a bit work, for sure
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more info:

Spanish author AudioJungle am, so I understand, according envato mail I received a few days ago, I should fill out the form W-8 is that correct?
The truth is that no where to start, I downloaded the form and do not understand anything, really … help !!!