why I'm paying so many Sell taxes?


If you still having issues with the taxes, you probably have to contact Envato taxes team via this email taxinfo@envato.com They will help you with clarifying everything regarding the taxes


You pay 30% Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales, that means you have submitted the W-8 form but without your Georgian Tax Payer ID!

Georgia has a 0% double taxation treaty with the USA, but you can only benefit from this treaty if you provide your Georgian Tax Payer ID in the W-8 form.


Really? I have mentiond this section that I have not Id number. in this case, can i manage again this form?


if u did not arrange tax things with irs, u are surely broken in half lol as tehy will consider u as a US author and take the tax as a us citizen …


maybe calling teh irs on the phone would be easier for u then … at least they can explain to u what is happening. just a question , your info fron your account and the form that u are supposed to have fulfilled were the same right?


HI. When somebody from US buy an item of mine, I have a tax of 21% (US Royalty Withholding Tax). Way too much, but that´s the cruel reality. There´s nothing you can do, unless your country has a US Tax Treaty.


I have a tax of 21% (US Royalty Withholding Tax

What to say about me, I have a tax of 30% (US Royalty Withholding Tax) :sweat_smile:


My god…that´s a lot of money 30% tax :man_facepalming:


From the FAQ (Tax-Information-Form-W-8-Requirements-for-non-US-Authors):

I don’t have a US TIN or a foreign tax identity number, what should I do?

If your country of residence has a tax treaty with the US, you need to include your Foreign Tax ID Number on your tax information.


where you from? My friend from Georgia is here as seller and he does not pay additional taxes


I´m from Argentina. And we have no US Tax Treaty. That´s why that tax :pensive:


I’m confused now, you don’t have a treaty with the US and they deduct just 21% and why they deduct from me 30% :thinking:


I´d like to help you but I´m not a tax expert unfortunately. That´s why I take this the way it is, trust Envato, and no further questions from my side. There´s not much to do I guess.


For sure, I’m trusting Envato I’m here since 6 years ago, but I’m just wondering. I thought you might know :slight_smile:


No, don´t know. I submitted the Non US Person form when I started here and that´s all. Some authors here want sales from US, but in my case I get more money with sales from outside US because of tax :man_shrugging:


I have uttached my tax ID and now I am not taxed anymore, halyluya




How I can correctly fill up W8 form, if Im from Ukraine ? Do I realy has to pay 55% from each sale ?


Ukraine has a tax treaty with the USA about 10% on royalties. In order to pay only this 10% it is necessary that the W-8 form is filled out correctly, including your tax-id (as a foreign tax-id) that you use to pay taxes in Ukraine. Without this number you must pay 30% on sales to US customers or without the W-8 form, 24% on all sales.


I think I filled W8 form correctly with foreign tax-id, but will resubmit again…