Why I can't sale this track?


I have a question to a experienced artists of AJ. Can you explain me: Why I can’t sale this my item from January 2018 (already 4 month ago uploaded)? I think this track sounds not bad and has a market potentiality, but practically it is not so. I have 0 sales at all. A many times (from January) I changed the name, tags and description of this item. But still don’t have any results. As I understand my track is not fit for a clients. Can you explain me why? Thanks a lot for your opinion and recommendations!

Nice music, i like it. Sounds very commercial and cool. The reason why it’s not selling i guess in visibility. As i see you are not new here and already heard that after some time since your item get approved it’s become invisible. Try to share your items with people in your social media or youtube etc… You need a bit of promotion i guess. Good luck. Keep on making your music.


Hello, DPmusicStudio! Thank you very much for your tip! I never tried to promote my AJ music in a social or in YouTube. And maybe I have to try it. My YouTube channel is very small and maybe I’ll open a new channel specially for my AJ account. Thanks a lot again for your feedback! Good luck to you!

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You could also try to update it (not just change the title) by adding new version or remixing it.
Sometimes it helps to increase the visibility :+1:t2:


Hello, Edward! Thanks a lot for your tip! Sounds really interesting. Maybe I’ll try to do so! Maybe an additional one more lite version…) Good luck to you!

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