Need a feedback for Happy track


Hello everyone!
Just want to know your opinion about my new track:
I thought it sounds nice, but, unfortunately, it has no sales for now.
I will be grateful for your feedback :smile:


Привет ! :slight_smile: Nice tune. Not worth much upset because of the lack of sales. I think it would be good if you a little accelerate tempo and take more ukulele instead of guitars. Delete track, remake it and reload ! Good luck !


can only support what @Grivanov said - great job, I’m certain you’ll make some sales soon.
and yes, the ukulele sounds are soo delightful that I wish there’d be more of them!


Don’t listen anyone with delete-recommendations and re-upload :confused: You’ll have some problems with envato.


Thanks for your advices!
There is something to think about :smile:


Why do you think so ? If he want to make a big changes like tempo and instruments rearrangement so it’s no crime.


And boom… you got a sale on it now! rejoice! :smile:


Yeee !!! Congrats ! :+1: Now it will be better don’t delete but little rearrange ! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!
That sale has inspirational, motivational effect on me :sunglasses:


Because if you will press delete button - you can not upload same track once again


…corporative and ukeleletive :joy:


OMG ! Of course !!! But it will be a different track! :joy:


0 sales are normal, at least for me. I saw you got 2 sales!


I thought that if you don’t have sales in first day, you’ll not have sales at all, because your track will descernding in search results in the future.
But, as we see, there can be some sales after first day :blush:


I like it. Sounds perfect! Great job!

This is normal. You have to wait for a few days/weeks :smile:
You have 2 sales now. This is nice result for that time!
Good luck!


I think you made good theme!!! I like it!! Sales will be later obligatorily!!