My Happy ukulele track is rejected. Can you help me with some tips, please?

It's my second work and second hard reject.
And if at first time i cleary understand what's wrong with my track,
now i have some idea what's wrong, but don't shure. Can you give me a feedback, please?

My track

I think the main issue is that there are 32,336 happy ukulele tracks already on AudioJungle. It’s hard to get this stuff past review nowadays. I don’t think your track is too bad, but it doesn’t really offer anything new.
In terms of improving the track, I’d say the melody is a little bit cheesy, but that’s not always a deal-breaker. The sounds you’ve used are a bit dated, like the whistle/marimba combo. It’s reminiscent of Nintendo video game music from the late 90’s. People who’ve played Diddy Kong Racing on the Nintendo 64 will know what I mean. That’s not altogether the worst thing in the world though, as I’m pretty sure N64 era video games will soon be trending again as all the mid-30 year olds start to suffer from nostalgia!
As far as your track goes though, I think it’s supposed to sound organic, but it sounds like a midi sequence.
Also, it seems that you’ve used “that” ‘hey!’ sample. It’s everywhere, and spreading. I don’t know where it comes from, but as soon as I hear it in a tune, my forehead meets my hand. Find a vocal pack that has a variety and not just a single one-shot, or record your own 'hey’s but please, just delete that one from your sample library!


Thanks for your feedback! It will be very usefull for me!

it was my own “hey”) and now I’m a little ashamed of it)

a lot of experience needed to do these kinds of genre, it needs all skills like : mixing - mastering, composition, arrangement, musicality , its not that easy, and as @criskcracker said, its hard to pass review with these if your track is not amazing!