Please could anyone help to tell me why my track was rejected?

I thought it sounded pretty good, apparently not? Could anyone have a go at why the track was rejected?

Sounds pretty good to me!

  • I would say that the melody should stand out a bit more. It is a bit blended with the ‘marimba’ chords sound which is in the same register.

  • Mostly, from 0:56, the melody + percussion solo idea is good but I hear a drop in the energy of the song here. Maybe add complexity to the percussion pattern to help keeping the energy intensity would be nice.


Hi :slight_smile:

Thank you!

So you just think its down to the mix of the Uke and Xylophone; and the break down section?

I thought that would be a soft rejection?

Seems crazy that even if I fix those things I can’t sumbit it again :frowning: