Rejected track. Why???????????????????

Hello, everyone!

Please, tell me, what’s wrong in this track?
Great thank you for your help.)

It’s a good track for me…I wouldn’t know what’s wrong!

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Thank you.)


  1. Not enough diversity in music. It sounds monotonous.
  2. Snaps not very well 0:06-0:…
    Next time everything will certainly work out!
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Hey! Great thank you!)
I’ll try to add some music movement.
Thank you.)

I agree with Katcamusic, I like the track and I can see it as a very appropriate background music for commercials and other stuff.


Well… But reviewers don’t think so.))
Hope, that after all corrections it will be approved.
Thank you!

Imho everything sounds unnatural and faked. The different instruments even don’t match together.

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First thing to me, the mix is pretty dry. Some instruments lack definition (ukulele sounds dull). You need a mix that sounds more open and with more ambience otherwise it has that fake MIDI vibe to it. Try to add a new element before the end because you have a lot of repetitions without enough development. It could be a pad or strings harmony in the back coming after a drum fill.

The vibe of the track is good. :wink:

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!)

Thank you!
I Fully agree with you, and I’ll try to fix all, that you wrote.
Great thank you!)

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