Project feedback 2

Hey everyone!
Can you please give me your views on my latest track, would / should it pass the review process after its mixed / mastered properly? there are a few tweeks I need to make, but you get the gist!

Thanks guys

Hello! Mood of your music is right. But there are a few reasons why it was rejected:

  1. Some different parts not bad, but together they work not well. Try to create more “background” composition/arrangement.
  2. Try to create more commercial drums (for example faster hat, ect)
  3. Mixing not great, but not so bad. But to my mind you can mix song better with more high quality sound.

Listen some top sellers in folk or corporate category with guitars/ukulele to understand AudioJungle trends (you can search by keyword ukulele). Good luck!

@LuckyBlackCat Hi luckyblackcat, I’ve listened numerous times to the best selling Uke tracks, and I feel that the quality of my song is up there, maybe not as catchy, but it certainly doesn’t warrant a hard reject, my gripe is the sheer amount of crap that gets approved, I spend about 3-4 weeks per song, with good quality gear, it seems there is a template that every author must follow, and if you slightly stray off course, then it’s definitely a hard reject, it’s annoying, to be fair, everyone can critique any song, and I’m sure authors would find faults with the best selling tracks, it’s down to personal taste, everyone is different / unique, but where do you draw the line!