I would need a PRO opinion on Hard Rejection please, thank you :)



Guys may i just have a couple of PRO opinions on why this item got rejected and what can i do in the future to increase my chances for approval :).

Here is the reviewers comment:

“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
Does this mean it is technically bad or just musically not commercially viable enough?

Item SoundCloud link:

Regards to everybody :slight_smile:


Definitely not a pro but I think composition wise it’s fine. The ukes sound very sampled and processed and lack any real depth or clarity would be my main critique.


Sorry I am not a “PRO”…

But I am pretty sure it would sound better if sounds were not so processed and in the background.
Listening to the headphones, the ukulele sounds really too on the sides, and far away… Would sound better if the sound was more “focused”, but I am not sure you see what I mean… I might not use the proper words to describe what I hear.


For some reason, I listen to your already approved track… and the stereo Ukelele does not bother me as much as in this one… well I don’t know…