Hi everybody. What do you think about this reject, can`t understand why.
My first track was approved for sale, but, saying the truth, it was not so good. After that i had 14 rejects ;(
I will be grateful to any recall or advice

Hi @Alex_peace!
Leading instrument and bells at the end are too midi-like. I think this is the main reason of reject… And drums needs to be louder a bit. Good luck!

thank you!

Badly mixed. Ukulele is way above all other instruments, I can barrely hear the drums. Just listen to a few similar best selling tracks and try to bring your mix to equal levels. Cheers!

Quick notes, these are blunt comments but you will only improve if people are honest with you:

  1. It’s a midi ukelele, which sounds painfully obvious because it’s so exposed. If you’re going to use a fake ukelele bury it under other instruments
  2. Too repetitive
  3. Doesn’t grow and develop sufficiently or soon enough
  4. The bass is too quiet, and doesn’t sit UNDER the mix, it’s just all coming out of the same EQ zone as the rest of the instruments
  5. The drum part is honestly terrible, I can’t really narrow it down more than that - it’s hard to know what to suggest with that drum part.

Good luck, and thanks for sharing, please don’t be afraid to keep posting your tracks and let us know if and when you get a track approved eventually :slight_smile:

Thank you!

it`s what i need: cold critic, thank u.

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