Hard rejected ukulele track, could you please give me some feedbacks?

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum
As the topic title says this track I recently made has been rejected. It’s a ukulele track with glockenspiel etc, so something that seems to be in a typical style for AJ. I am a long time experience composer and i know all the basic of mixing/ mastering as well, so I would need you help to understand what could be the reasons that this track has been hard rejected. This track has been also rejected on other web where usually all my tracks have been accepted.
There are 4 different edits with different lengths:

any feedbacks are welcome, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I feel it’s a bit repetitive. Also, there already is a huge amount of tracks in this genre so it’s incredibly though to get through with something new and original.

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback!
I know there are already a lot of tracks in this genre but every time I tried with something a bit different it has been rejected.
Maybe next time I will try with more variations as you suggest! The extended edit has a different part from half song, but I suppose they usually approve or decline all the edits together right? Or does it happen that they approve one edit and not another one of the same track?

I think all edits are accepted or rejected. You could also try a different genre, something that is less crowded already in the library. Something you think you’re very good at.
Ultimately that is what will benefit the marketplace as a whole.

My 2 cents: I’ve written A LOT of tracks that sound like this. They’re still popular and they still sell.
Your mix is nice and everything is there. I agree that the “main melody” is repeated too many times. You keep adding something new and interesting underneath but the ears aren’t getting a break from that bell melody. It needs a bridge or breakdown at :30. Try pulling out the melody and just have a quiet place in the middle. Maybe change up what the bass does or add different piano line. Just something to break it up. This gives the ears a break but it also gives video editing people “something to cut to”. Try it! Hope this helped. Nice track otherwise!!!

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that’s a good advice, a break at some point without the main melody would be a good idea. thank you! :slight_smile: