Yes or No?

Hi everyone
Is it worth continuing with this song, or would it not cut the review process?

Thank you

I’d continue with it. You’ve already got the main idea down. Just work on the mix a little bit. Not sure how a reviewer would approach it but why not give it a shot.

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Definitely continue. Very entertaining background track. Just finish the mix. I also suggest trying different BPM rates to see what makes it most appealing or useful for your intended audience. Nice idea :slight_smile:

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Yes definitely continue with this utterly awful noise.

It’s the kind of track that will sell into to the hundreds if not thousands and do well.

Nice track.

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I say that’s a huge “NO”. If you search “ukulele”, there are already 10,860 songs that are like this. That’s overkill. There’s a pretty good chance Envato will either start rejecting this type of song or has already started doing so. Nothing sounding like this is new. It’s already covered thousands of times in the AudioJungle library.

Has originality died of natural causes, or are composers intentionally trying to kill it?

Move on to something that isn’t so overused. It gets to a point where we have to start blaming ourselves for the lack of creativity and stop saying “it’s what the customers want.” Customers want good music, but they can only license what you give them. If you keep giving them the same thing over and over, it only appears as if that’s all they want. If you give them more creativity and variation, they WILL license it as long as it’s good and works for their purpose.


@kajiwarasan thanks Kajiwarasan :slight_smile:

@kajiwarasan @TheWhiteElephant @MidnightSnap @SmartOwlMusic @jellypopmusic - thanks everyone :+1:t2: