Rejected. Need feedback.

Hello! Received a Rejected letter from Envato Market. Please tell me why this track does not correspond to high quality of Envato.
Thank you!

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Hey Dmitry! Nice, cute track! I think there are some issues with the mix and instrumentation/layout that could have led to a rejection. Remember these are just my opinions, so take everything as you will!

The mix definitely needs some work. Everything kind of sounds like it’s fighting for the same spot. I think you really need to fill in the highs and lows more, as well as work on some of the dynamic ranges. I think some well-placed reverb could help as well. Overall the song just comes off as very ‘dry’ sounding.

I think your main themes are too repetitive. The ukulele line is very simple, which is fine, but it just repeats the I-V-IV over and over and then that is amplified even more by the guitar part. I think you need to mix this up more, maybe adding a ‘B’ section or just adding more stuff/changing up the progression to keep the interest.

The guitar also doesn’t sound realistic to me, which is a problem when it is so prominent in the song. Maybe lower the volume or add more reverb/changes to it so it sounds a little more real.

I think you have the makings of a nice simple ukulele track here. Good luck!


Adding to the great feedback @SeththeHuman gave - the variation in melody at around 0:50 took me off guard a bit - the triplet feel hasn’t been reinforced strongly enough before the change to warrant such a drastic shift in rhythmic tone. I think a buyer is looking for something with a consistent idea that develops in a natural way. My advice would be to work on a stronger “B” section that reflects the original idea in tone and style but gives a new perspective on it. That might help your next track feel less repetitive! All the best!

Thank you very much for the answers, there is something to think about.