Love to get some comments on my track before I send it for review.

I’d love to get some comments/suggestions before I send in my track Ukulele Whistling
Thanks for your help!

The main reason and the main. The instruments are not playing in rhythm.

Why is your track makes me laugh. Maybe he’d be perfect as “humor”.

Thanks for your honestly. What do you think about going back and quantizing everything then try to humanize it. Maybe that would pull the rhythms together.

I think the instruments sound good. Try to do a little balancing volume. Pay attention to the “whistling” it sounds very loud compared to other instruments. Make it so that the track sounded as a whole.

Hello, really nice ideas here, and it could be a good track in the end.
But even if on my side I enjoy the loose rhythm, they’ll reject it for sure.
I have been rejected for that with my drums that were not 100% on time… so here…

On my DAW I can quantize but with a strength, so no need to humanize afterwards, just tighten the groove.

Now second problem is the mixing… whistle is way way too loud compared to the rest, and you need some kind of “glue” (a compressor) so that everything “sounds as a whole” as @EvgenM said.

Thanks again. Great comments. Just what I needed.I will try to lower the volume on the whistling and fill the middle and low end a bit more by EQing the other instruments…

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Thanks for the encouragement. It’s great to know there hope for the track.I will try to just quantize then. Thanks for the comment on the whistle. I’ve heard the track too much and have lost my sensitivity.I will try to tweak the volume with some compression. I did notice this and tried initially to boost the middle with a multiband EQ but I see your point it still is not full. Thanks again for your comments . This is helpful!