Could you please tell me, why this track have no sales?

Hi guys, do you have some ideas?

This track have really bad analitycs! 13 Unique pageviews!

My portfolio day by day loses sales and I don’t understand why… :((

Maybe someone could help with promo?

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How about the hundreds of thousands other tracks swamping each other?

While we are at it, here are some recent tracks:

2 Pageviews:

0 - yes, that is ZERO - pageviews:

So, you see you are pretty well off with your 13 pageviews!

I started to sell on AJ at 2011 and had top seller item, but now I have 30 sales per month.
So, when you started?

Competition is much stronger now than in 2011…that’s why.


AJ now has nothing to do with AJ in 2011. I started in late 2013, it was different even then. For one, they still had madatory “tests” for new authors, they were keeping a lid on the influx of new authors this way. Later they decided they don’t care, got rid of that and opened the gates for everyone and their dog to send in tracks. Obviously, since then more professionals joined too and the overall quality level has risen a lot. So, there you have it - fierce competition, almost 0 visibility and no hope for this to change. Welcome to the jungle!


Create something that is unique or better still have a portfolio that is commercially viable and completely different from everyone else. What usually happens is someone will create a track that is different and well made. It sells well and then a lot of authors will do their version of the track hoping to sell well and consequently the marketplace is flooded with the same or similar tracks…strange working methodology but that’s why sales decline over time for authors.


totally agree… it’s why we have to re-invent ourselves constantly, doing different thinks… because today a success idea tomorrow can be obsolete, or ultra-listened., so loses value
I think it’s a good idea adding skills and learning constantly about music, new genres and topics… new sounds, unknown horizonts… exploring…

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Really good work! Maybe the title does not match the mood. Specifically, the word “corporate” in title does not match to this track. I hope this track get more sales!

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Started 2015 and even in just those 2 years many new great authors and thousands of music flooded in. Competition is high, especially in corporate category. Will need more than just good music to survive in this jungle :slight_smile:

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It’s simple. Huge Competition.

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I don’t recommend it for you.