Why Hard rejected?

Concept has been done many many times before

Take out the stock person and text and you are left with a couple of lines of copy

Typography is not good esp web address

hi for me u have diverse problems indeed. The first one is regarding alignment , as u end top having a header being positioned in the middle while u have a whole block of texts, otherwise, which is located on the right side, this creates visual lack of harmony if u ask me. Alignment is a basic design principle and “messing with it” is definitely not a good idea … Same goes with the contrast, for the same reason, by the way. The Title is being less visible and outstanding as the rest of the information, including secondary information. In other words, the lack of contrast ruins the hierarchy that u have established otherwise. Pls keep in mind that the main theme / main title must be what spring out the most and what is seen in the first place