Why graphicriver rejected my item.

Please HELP mE

hi u are really miles away from the standards required here right now, sorry to say just this , but this is how i feel, no offense, ok?

1- global style
the global style is kind of flat , this is lacking graphic design in a general way …

2- marketability
this point is related to the first one … think about it, at this stage why would anybody buy something that they could redo very quickly … and thus why a reviewer would approve an item that is very likely not to be convincing enough so that buyers buy it?

3- titles
a title is something central that MUST be outstanding … here this is almost lost on the sideway …this is not even contrasting from the background

4- colors
sorry but some color variations are not working well and displaying them are not helping they are just burying your item alive … you need to introduce things that make the preview look good and make people want to accept the item and after that come and buy it …

5- texts and readability
many texts are there but almost cannot be read … why is discount lost this way , almost so very unreadable?! this is supposed to be an important information to be valued for the potential buyer to get to buy the food …

6- fake logo
this is too flat it does not look realistic and “people cannot buy it” …

icons are too flat and insignificant , they are hardly see also and finally they are not in the same “boldness” …