Your item has been rejected! Help me to understand

Hello ,

First of all I want to tell you that I am new on this platform :slight_smile: and I want to respect and understand the rules.

Being new here, before publishing a logo I read the rules of this platform. After I published the logo a few days later I received the answer “has been rejected” on the grounds “it isn’t at the quality standard required”.

I read the process “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”.

In general, an item must:

Be useful to customers
Not include any potentially offensive content (eg violent, sexual or otherwise offensive content)
Not be compressed to the point where the aesthetic quality suffers
Not include your logo, URL, or watermark (you may include information about your services in an attached help text file)
Be well constructed
Be as compatible as possible
Be easy to customize

You can download the logo ( and take a look at it and please tell me what quality rule I am violating above. Any feedback will be very helpful in the future.
Please help me . Thanks for your time .

Colors are not matching and they are more viberant,…etc

Thank you for the feedback. So you think my logo wasn’t accepted because of the colors? Is that the only reason? any additional reply is welcome .

yes in my opinion…its feel like a flat…if you add shading technique it may help…and icon and text should be balanced…
Thank you

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Thank you for the feedback . Anyone else who has other feedback is welcome .

Hello. I change something to logo and i want to ask this model of logo (download .ai version ) is layered ? because when i upload a logo to graphicriver ask me that option. Please help me to understant this option .
Any help is welcome .

hi as for me i like it, i do not mean that there is nothing at all that u could improve but indeed, this looks rather satisfying in my view, the thing that was said about the style being flat, i personally do not agree with it , this is a style and what u have done this far is harmonious indeed. The problem for me is more likely to be about typo which is clean but also rather flat and thus tends to flatten a bit the whole item. This could match more between the used typo and the illustration part. Introducing more originality touches, possibly more variations and font combinations in the text part would help to generate more relief. As for bringing more harmony between both part , a good start would be to make colors match more rather than having this black color coming out of the blue (on white background)

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I honestly think it’s not the color problem. I saw on the graphicriver symbols with a lot of colors. It can be a problem to use 2 different fonts, one for text and one for slogan. If you downloaded the logo ( camelion - Google Drive ) and opened it in the illustrator you can see that I did not good organize the PATHS and I think that here I violated the rules “Be well constructed, Be as compatible as possible, Be easy to customize”. What do you say, am i right ? Any feedback is welcome and is very helpful . Thank for your time .

That’s right I’m new and I want to learn :slight_smile: . Can you tell me please if this logo is layered or not ? - Google Drive . Thanks for your feedback .

Your item no sale value

Thank you for the feedback . Any feedback is welcome and is very helpful .