Item is rejected.

I uploaded about 7 items. That’s all are rejected. I received email for That’s all items.
What reason for this case. Can you help me.

My lates upload is "M Letter Logo " . That too rejected .

I received that email for all item.

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “M Letter Logo” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here’s our advice:

Visit our forums and ask fellow authors for feedback. Our helpful community will be glad to lend a hand.

Check out this Help Center article to understand why and how items get rejected.

Remember you can get help, in the form of tutorials or skilled professionals, on Envato Tuts+ and Envato Studio.

We hope to see a new submission from you soon!

All the best!

Envato Quality team

Hello! So what’s your question?
If you want to get some feedback from other authors, then you should show preview of your rejected items

and where can I find my rejected items?
were they deleted from my account ?

You cannot find them here as they were not accepted

This is my rejected item .

hi rejected items are nowhere to be found in your account as they were not accepted , unless u kept a copy on your computer and / or external drive, they are gone , i guess u can identify that envato cannot keep all sorts of items, especially where is already a really super subsequent catalog of items online that they are storing

hi first f all happy new year buddy. Then, when it comes to your item, indeed, this is really far from standards i think. The fact of the matter is that, according to me, what u have here is lacking a real concept and is either too generic for a place where there is a huge catalog of product already but also for u to hit a niche and possible sell. I think that this is worth the drive reminding off the fact that this is not 2010 anymore and that nowadays making “too generic” items is not being synonymous with good sales and larger “audience” but rather having the item either rejected of being drown in tons of look alike items , so that the concerned items have very little potential in the end … Then, one of the main problems that u are actually facing is that the illustration part is made of details and that they turn out to be too small and globally lacking impact but that, however the illustration part is still prevailing a bit too much over the text part / the name. I also regret that u did not bring more harmony to the table out of separating colors … the black of the text comes out of the blue in such a context and does not bring more “unity to the table” in the end … this looks like a sort of disconnection rather than any other thing. Globally the typo is also quite flat and “tasteless” , do not get me wrong i do not mean that this is very bad but this is all the same lacking a lot of ingredients, like font combinations, variations, color combinations and touches of originality so that the typo part and the whole logo actually gets to the next level, offers more relief and so on and indeed, in the end, considerably increases commercial potential. The proportion between text and illustration is not the right one and i and also a bit worried about the imbrication of the text in a possible horizontal version indeed (not sure that this is really required or not)

Thanks a lot.
I understand.

Yours sincerely
mit freundlichen Grüßen

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Thank you very much. I apply this advice for my next item. :pray: .

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u are welcome, happy new year :slight_smile:

this is up to u but what i can tell u by experience is that most of the people who say so actually end up posting here after they did the very same mistake for their following work, so, if i were u i would give it a try with this concerned item , but, this is up to u to do or not, good work and good luck anyway :slight_smile: (if u have enough clues as for what to do with the item, pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: )