I Need Help Rejecting My Social Banner

Hi! Post preview of your rejected item here if you would like someone to help you

On its own it’s not enough - it would need to be part of a bigger set or collection that offer more

Please help me a little, I can’t Approve the file in Graphicriver, give me some tips so I can Approve the file, please

Create more - one design on its own is never going to be approved.

If “food” is the theme you want to focus on then create multiple other designs using the same style to create a set.

Try other layouts (social does not have to be square) using the same design.

Create a set using different colours

Ok Thank you so much

hi for me if the thing that u have created is rather tasteful indeed, there are also a lot of mistakes here … so let’s get started
1- global style
as I mentioned, at least there is a positive homogeneity and tasteful aspect but let’s also face it, the item keeps rather simple, too, this is mainly turning around a picture and a main title in the end …
2- occupation
indeed, all the areas are not being occupied the same way, some are pretty much emptier than some others , which basically kills the global harmony somehow, see for instance the large empty space under the percentage off bullet … it nos any better also under the logo, too
3- branding
I am sorry to tell u just this abut anytime of advertising requires that the brand is being given the right attention, impact and exposure at the very minimum, if the product and the offer are important, well the name and or logo of the company , too, this should not appear like here as sort of a secondary information. people buying your work will look forward to having their name and brand identified , outstanding and remembered as much as possible and this is not what happens here , pls see next point
4- z-shape reading and impact zones
if the positioning of today special is making sense, the positioning on the logo makes none … not only because of the size of the logo which does not help but also because of the color, the lack of alignment and most importantly again where it was placed, which all turn out to make it look like a seoncsry information
5- alignment
there is material to improve it here … as I explained when it comes to the logo, but also as far as the percentage bullet and others
6- contrast
I would not go as far as saying that u are violating this basic design principle as this is is not true, though sometimes the contrast could be improved so that u give elements more attention and impact , as well as u create a more solid hierarchy globally
7- hierarchy
at the moment, the main title is not that very much more outstanding than the logo which is very small and lost in the corner , the bullet meant to normally catch the attention is quite tasteless as such and the call too action does not overly call for action insofar as failing to attract the attention enough in this context
8- readability could be improved
some of the text fail to contrast enough with the background in a context where some of them are being placed over a complex background where colors are not so much differing
9- finition
I guess that introducing some shadows would help to make the item look more worked out and would also generate some depth in the process, too