reject my design

this is my first design for graphicriver .and it was rejected.

“Unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”

they have given this message to me. what I want to do now uplod this roll up banner again.

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hi, there is a good deal of things to say about this item. First of all, i am not sure that this is such a great idea to show many color variations when some of them do not particularly look good indeed. This is not selling. The colors are globally too dark and not super modern and attractive … Despite the rather high contrast , texts are not super readable and globally, talking about texts, they seem spread randomly and they are clearly not outstanding as expected indeed. Look , the texts are here to display practical information as this is about corporate products meant for companies to use to introduce themselves and or their services. If the information is not what is being valued what is the point of having even such a type of cool up? In addition, the main text being flagged on the left , this is not really coherent, or efficient as this is putting some central information to the sid way. This is getting even worse as the slanted shape that u hav just above is basically making u having the main titles being “choking” on a side way. It give people the feeling that these text are not given the proper place, positioning and impact that they should have. u are also kind of violating a basic design principle (contrast) with the blue text that u have on the grey background … pls keep in mind that such an item is made to be seen from far away and that for such a purpose u need to have really contrasting background and text colors. There is a real issue about spacing all across the item indeed, from the top (the logo being choking completely on top of the product and not being given space enough between the margin and the picture, then down to almost all parts … . Why having the slanted shape so very close from the main titles and having such a big gap after icons and paragraphs , all this before having once again a footer looking super crammed and choking out to of putting a lof of things compared to the available space? if u are thinking about practical issues, u will understand that the social medias thing completely at the bottom it not really a good idea unless people do not really want people to use them , and if so, why simply putting them there? still about the same issue of harmony of organization, as u can see, u have a rather crammed item almost everywhere but on the mid section on the right hand side. Otherwise curves are not logical between the very rounded part of the header and the slanted one there is a discrepancy and that does not looking necessarily super good apart from bringing u into trouble to organize the page. If u wanna be coherent, opt for a rounded square as a header. Finally i will end up adding something about the global style, for me u need to push the envelope, as, in the end, there is not so much graphic design in what u have here , when u take out the logo and city picture just for previewing matters, what do u have in the end in the main file? block of texts, some plain color shapes and a few icons. Well , this is not much to motivate people into buying if u ask me and in the same logics, why would a reviewer accept a file that may be considered as having very low commercial potential anyway out of being too plain?

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Oh come on …

So is this your’s on Adobe too? With all the original layers and construction? Or is it just another ripped off vector/jpg?

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I learn a lot from your comments. I am grateful for that. I will try to make these mistakes again and look forward to your support. thank you so much for the comments and the time allotted to me.

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yes it is my with all the original layers and constructions. thanks for the comments.

u are welcome , good work and good luck :slight_smile: