My Roll up banner REJECTED. Any helpful feedback?


I submitted my roll up banner template and it got rejected due to quality standard requirement.
I understand that there must be an issue, can anybody let me know any possible reason for rejection?

Your valuable input will be helpful to me.

PS: The image is not included in the main file.
Thank You.

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hi this is not bad in terns of disposition and a few other things but the major reproach that we can have is about the background and the rather limited commercial potential of your item like this. Look, think about it, there is design only in something like one third of the global surface, the rest is all about plain black color … this basically amount to saying that your background is too simple and your global item is lacking graphic design , so that this is ultimately rather easy to redo it rather quickly and easily. So, why would anybody buy such an item ? as they cannot really save time, they will opt for saving money instead by redoing on they own … U have to push the envelope graphic design wise, not to mention that even if what u have this far is not bad , the fact of the matter is that this is not perfect either … u should for instance make the stroke of white triangle thicker. the logo looks good in the first place , at the first glance but once u detail it, this is looking aligned properly and thus not perfect either. U should drop a shadow under the guy. Plus, if the typo is globally clean this is rather flat for here , where much effort is expected from authors, no matter what is the category where they are submitting their works. U are thus expected to bring more originality to the table, more variations, more font combinations, and so on …

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