Hard Reject, Can you tell me why?

What is it? Web banner?

As it is it’s far too basic and typography needs work.

You would need to include it as part of a significantly wider set with variations, different dimensions, different layouts etc.

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Can you explain more how i should improve the typography?

A lot depends on where you plan to use this because this will impact readability. Right now it’s quite plain but to be honest the design is so basic that it’s hard to give constructive suggestions to update it.

So, your saying I should work on a new banner instead of improving it.

There is no way you will get one banner like this approved - the design needs to be pixel perfect but also offer premium value e.g quantity of items in a set, quality and originality of design

hi well this is tatesful but honestly , look, who would really want to buy such an item ? there is close to no graphic design at all at this stage … there is a very limited commercial potential for this item, if u ask me , since , people could redo it very easily and without having sort of a real talent or expertise in photoshop … thus people , as they cannot really save time by buying, they will rather opt for redoing and save money … and , in such a case, why would a reviewer accept this item if he identifies that there is very limited a potential for the item and that this is very unlikely to sell?in addition, u have an issue of spacing when it comes to the “contact us” botton being not positioned logically with the paragraph above
the typo is also clean but definitely flat , far from original , having to real variations and / or font combos. Let me pls remind u off the fact that typo is much of an issue here , no matter where u post and that high standards about it are simply meaning high expectations, too …
there is also a small issue of hierarchy as the text popping out the last in the end is the one u tried to value over all the other ones …
color combos could be better , too , i guess as thinking of complementary colors, shades of colors and theme colors is scarcely a bad idea …

thank you both for your feedback. I will try do better with next designs.

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u are welcome if u have enough clues about how to take your item to the next level, just click the “solution” box :slight_smile: