my first item hard rejected what the reason please solve

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With respect this is not even close to the standards for here.

Just some (not a finite list) -

  • The hero image is stretched

  • the word art looking title doesn’t work

  • General typography is wrong

  • Spacing and placement of elements makes no sense

  • There’s no attention to detail


Hi charlie4282,
Thanks for your best solutions. I need more suggestion to approve my item in Graphic River.

You need to learn the graphic design basics. You need to spend several months maybe one year learning, practice and improve your skills. At this point you are simply not ready for any marketplace.


hi, well I am sorry to mention just this but the fact of the matter is that there are more things to change than to keep indeed …
1- contrast
this is a basic design principle and of course, this is definitely not a good idea to mess with it for that matter. This one maybe is the most essential of all as this is driving people into being confronted with other issues in a snowball effect … at this stage as I am going to refer other things , I will tell just one thing, what is the point of having some texts when they are barely readable indeed …
2- readability
apart from the efficiency side , having unreadable texts, provides people with the feeling that u are not getting the job done professionally all the way, as there is both an impact on the visual part and the efficacy , as well … I guess u can easily understand that if the text is not contrasting enough form the background, that its side is not particularly prominent and so on, then the text will be looking just like a decoration , so to speak, when this is not, especially for a corporate item indeed. The minimum requirement for such items will be that u execute everything perfectly and that efficiency is just around the corner , even if the item that end up delivering is not necessarily super creative, the item maybe considered as professional if u handle everything as regard to texts, basic design principles and so on , as properly as people would expect that u do
3- impact
pls make a test , just close your eyes, open them, and check in a glance what is outstanding enough and what catches your attention indeed … and u will realize what part of the problem is all about, indeed … besides, once again, just like what happens with readability, the problems of impact are intrinsically linked with the fact that the contrast that u have here is not sufficient for things to pop out and to the exposure that people may be demanding …
4- alignment
well this is once more a basic graphic design principle … u do not have this problem everywhere, for sure but with several elements and this turns out to contribute to compile problems , leading u to be miles away from this marketplace’s current standards, actually …
5- spacing
spacing is another of these basic design principles , and once again , u did not handle it properly so that the misbalancing the content and making the general impression generated by this design as looking not good enough by far …
6- titling
what u expect from a title this is that this is read in a glance, that it strikes the attention and that this is also differing significantly enough from secondary information , pls check next point …
7- hierarchy
well this issue is once again resulting partly from the lack of contrast, but not only, as it has to do with lack clear distinction between essential information - what, where, when, who - and the details. Things actually get worse as u are mishandling the size of characters at times so that the direct consequence is that some supposed important information looks less outstanding that details inside paragraphs … look at the section “find something positive” and its development and the sort of “moto” or slogan that u have under … the concerned element is far smaller that the simple text from the upper paragraph … which clearly makes very little sense to say the least …
8- icons
what is the point of having icons if they either bring not to the table visually speaking and that, in addition, they are not springing out enough , due to color issues?
9- background
I know that this is a corporate item but look , there is just a mere gradient there , this looks a little bit light a work all the same … pls see the next point , which is more or less related to this section indeed …
10- no “wow effect”
I evoked partly all the previous sections and in particular in the 9th point, but pls try to figure this out … what would be the feeling of someone buying the item - if it had ever been approved and had made it on sale somewhere? - as , in the end, ifs are considering what is in the “download zip file” is nothing but texts, a simple shape on the left side and very basic icons … the result is crystal clear, people would really feel disappointed with their purchase
11- fake logo
apart from not particularly looking good and not construing enough, the space dedicated to it, is affirmatively too small , a buyer would want their name to be remembered and noticed, legitimately so , i might add … this is really not what happens here, the logo has sort fo been cornered and just looks like as “another element”
12- stretched image
the image that u are using is distorted , which makes people believe that u would also probably have the replacing image having the same problem , if u have ever prepared the file properly and that u made a “placeholder” or a “dynamic object”
13- global style
apart from looking quite outdated, what u have here looks also way too simple and rushed. U have to identify that expectations either from the marketplace and also from potential customers are high and that u cannot come with something doing the bare minimum and expect it to go through the reviewing process … I would like also to add something else as regard to this part … there is a real discrepancy between the very professional looks that are demanded for such an item and what u have , as well as between the picture that u have selected and the rest of what u have created , there is no color guideline, there is nothing to insure a link whatsoever so that both part , the picture (sort of header) and the rest …

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Thank you so much n2n44,

I learned enough from your topic.

apart from not particularly looking good and not construing enough, the space dedicated to it, is affirmatively too small , a buyer would want their name to be remembered and noticed, legitimately so , i might add … this is really not what happens here, the logo has sort fo been cornered and just looks like as “another element There will be more experience people will need