My Graphic river item hard rejected

what are the reasons to reject my item?
Please give me some suggestions to improve my design.

hi u have a variety of issues indeed. The first one is a really major one to say the least as this is linked to a graphic design principle , that is to say :contrast. All graphic design principles are very important but this one especially since this is making people be confronted with additional problems in a snowball effect , in terms of readability, impact,herarchy of information , among other thing. Needless to say thus that this is not a small deal and that messing with this part is really not a good idea to say the least … anyways, in many environments u placed some text not offering enough contrast between their color and the one of the background under … so, the texts are hard to read and u may wander what is the point to put some texts if this is not readable in the end … besides, I am not sure that u are aware of this but the more u will place texts on “complex backgrounds” the more likely this will be hard for u to offer enough contrast so that the text is being seen well, which implies that the more u will do and the more u will have efforts to make to arrange texts in the end … the gradient is clearly not a good idea , this is not really aesthetic but this makes the text even harder to read, however … to give u sort of a general overview at this stage, all social media materials are not much visible, same goes for the website ,the same for sign in and continue screen. As mentioned earlier on this lack of contrast brings significant issues when it comes to make texts readable and “efficient”> there is also a very negative impact as far as the hierarchy of information goes , some elements being less important being more easily noticed than more major ones and vice versa so to speak …which is disturbing for the understanding and for the general overview at first glance. in the same perspective ,what should be meant to opt out does not spring out and important elements are not necessarily valued indeed. I am also quite sure that indeed u are not allowed to use social media logos for copyright matters. I would recommend that u invest sometime to create a professional looking decent logo that will take your preview to the next level , even if this is meant to be replaced, so that this improves the preview rather than flattening it … by the way dedicating so very little space is not pretty much of a good idea if the Loog is meant to be positioned in the white square … this makes very little sense for banding matters actually. Color combinations are also rather weird and really emphasizing contents and important elements out of lack of contrast , not to mention that some combos are not purely aesthetic if u ask me …