Web Banner rejected, can you tell me why?

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

hi indeed, u have a collection of diverse problems, generally the same in all of the banners that u are showing here … In most cases, the font combinations are not necessarily working well and u failed to manage to imbricate title well indeed. U have a big issue as regard to hierarchy as in most cases u did not select the appropriate colors for the main titles to pop out more than the rest but u did the other way around … U also, in a general way have an real issue as far as readability is concerned. The choice of the color is part of the problem , but not only, the choice of the font too, as well as the contrast lacking with the background, which leads u to violate a basic design principle. AS u may guess, this is a super good idea to get into contrast troubles indeed but this is getting even worse if this is about button that are supposed to be appealing to viewers and entice them into clicking … these buttons must then be very well seen, be prominent , offer punchy colors and contrast with the rest and the typo inside must be in keeping too … what u have at this stage is too flat … a bit sort of “monochord” in a way … i would also add , to finish that it would be welcome to that u push the envelope graphic design wise as the global style remains rather simple, clean i might add but maybe not worked out enough yet so that the commercial potential of your item raises dramatically …

Thanks for the reply,

Now I see that I am making similar mistakes with my designs. And I really want to stop that.
So in past, I decided to change the banner design and concept and start working on a new banner which was a mistake.

Instead, I should focus on improving the design and correcting the mistake I made in the same banner so I don’t repeat the same thing again and again.

I know it is asking a lot but I want to improve my design so can you answer a few more questions.

  1. Not the color, not the typography. Just design and graphic in all three banners what will you rate that:
    1 to 5 where 1 is worst and 5 is better. please mention all three separately.
  2. Not the color. Just typography and font selection with respect to each other and individually. How should I select them? Any advice or a few examples.
  3. Colors, Should I focus more on with gradient style or the flat. Can tell that with some examples.

Thank you