Can someone tell me why my item was rejected

i upload 5 banner web and all rejected…please tell me tell me where is the problem?

This is a super crowded space - anything new needs to be spot on.

  • add colour variants to each design

  • typography is not great esp font choices in the second design

thank you

as for me i do not believe that he HAS TO add color variations indeed … this is optional and i cannot figure how this could be the reason of a hard rejection , besides, adding color variations in some cases is a big mistake as some guys are partly ruining their previews or the impact of their item by choosing inappropriate colors previews …

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hi let’s face it u have a whole lot of work ahead indeed … u are violating several basic design principles

hard to identify how are elements supposed to be aligned this is, especially in the second item widespread everywhere until the eye gets lost finding at the information …

general organization
as mentioned above as none of the things are well aligned or coherent organization wise there is confusion and the feeling of a messy lay out

can u figure out that the world “sale” is not only written over a picture but also in a color very close from the background until the most important part of the message is just unreadable?

i mentioned part of it already … but there is something else to say … i am aware that people here enjoy texts widespread everywhere but this is not because this is a trend that it makes sense … can anybody tell me how the sideway information can be read ? and if they are not what are they doing here? taking them away would not be more appropriate ?

finally too hard to tell you for the second design to be honest , apart form the cart illustration all should be redone in my view as i see only problems , u can read general information i made before and u will understand what to fix

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thank you so much

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u are welcome