Why was my item has been rejected?

Can anyone tell me why this item was rejected?

hi do not get me wrong this is not the worst thing i have ever seen to say the least , but u have a variety of reasons explaining why the item may have been rejected for … first of all the style is rather minimalist and the item is sort of not so hard to redo rather quickly and easily or will not generate so much of a wow effect so that people will feel like buying feeling that they will go way beyond their personal skills out of getting the item. then, the most important issue for u to fix is the lack of contrast, this is by no way a small deal for contrast is a basic design principle and turns out to get people who mess with it into trouble in a snowball effect , thus resulting in people being confronted with problem of readability, impact and hierarchy too. There is another major issue with another graphic design principle , too, this time this is alignment … in the logo sides, things are not properly aligned vertically and this is impacting negatively visually speaking, going what u have done a rather random or more messy look, while what u had done was harmonious otherwise, which is too bad. I am also not sure that the positioning of the qr code is the proper one and that it makes sense as far as the reading process goes to organize things this way in this side … i see why u did this, this is too have an echo from one side to the other but the problem is that u are also inverting thing in the logo side as far as impact zones go … i mean this could have been ok all the same, but , this, mixed with the misalignment of the icon tool bar is simply not working if u know what i mean. i see little interest also to have icons here if u do not provide them with some exposure and attention , the good news is that this is super easy to fix …ust turn the color to the dark color u are using otherwise and problems are gone lol :slight_smile: i recommend that u also try to make some words to make texts more readable and impactful in the preview file, otherwise they are not much seen and they have very little interest