Why my item is rejected?

please check my item and tell me what’s the reasons about rejecting this items?

hi , well here how I feel …
globally what u have created is harmonious and tasteful , though, there are a certain number of things that are not really appropriate if u ask me. First of all, the black series is super dull and to be honest with u, nothing springs out at all. I am not sure u identify this, but for name this is a huge problem for a ad campaign item like this indeed … not to mention that this is not the only downside that can be “compiled” indeed. U also have a contrast problem (this is what happens with both series indeed). Messing with contrast is definitely not a good idea as this is a basic design principle and if violating one of them is a bad idea, no matter what, when it comes to contrast , this is even worse. the fact of the matter is that this is driving u into facing numerous other issues in a snowball effect. The contrast thing basically means additional readability , impact / exposure and hierarchy of information issues , ultimately. This also appears rather obvious that u do not know or did not pay attention about the z lay out and the related impact zones and other consequences. Besides, what is the point of having texts if they are not seen , mot popping out and in some cases not even readable in the end? u have to figure out that the text that u put in such vignette turn to be important ones and thus , this is not done to have all the mentioned problems … there is also a lack of space dedicated to branding, to placing a logo and valuing it , as well as some potential other information, too

thank you so much. your mentions are very helpful for me to create better designs. :+1: :pray: