my item has been reject

why my items has been reject? please help me

hi first of all the thing is that the logo’s concept is rather “common” , this is not extremely a creative or original idea that u had here and the way the thing came out visually did not help to make good out of it all the same … the logo is globally white compact and rather lacks breathing if u ask me, indeed Color combinations are neither super original, not making real sense if u ask me. I would have rather recommended that u “bet” on complementary colors, shades of the same color or theme code colors, they are usually smart and safe choices indeed. The contrast could definitely be improved. I would not go as far as saying that u have broken this basic design principle as u did not do this but quite frankly the orange text on the white background in such a context is not that oustanding and neither is this really super readable , too. Finally , I would say that the logo style of the logo is rather simple and thus its commercial potential probably decreases a good deal since this is neither saving people much time to buy the item , not is this enabling them to offer “extra design skills” to buy it, too, so in most of cases, we can legitimately think that people would rather opt for redoing the item on their own and save money rather than spend money to acquire the concerned logo