Roll-Up Banner Rejected, Please help me to improve. Thanks in advance.

Hi, My banner was rejected, I don’t know why, could you help me to improve it?

You design is good but I don’t know because rejected :frowning:

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There’s already many designs looking similar to this one, it could maybe get accepted if it was some niche specific, but while it is a general design for anyone, you have to put more thought into it, because as I said before - it is too simple.
Also the fonts which you used for ‘creative idea’, ‘business idea’ etc, shouldn’t be so bold in my opinion. It makes the creation quite heavy.
I like the colors, though :slight_smile:
Just play with the design and track what gets accepted in the category you want to post, see how people describe their products, be sure all the files are properly grouped, named and easy to edit. Good luck :slight_smile: