My item got rejected

This is my design.
Can any one help me by telling that how much I need to improve so that my items get approved by the reviewer.

You need to improve your typography, hierarchy, spacing and alignments, overall style and composition. Basically you have issues with all design aspects.

hi u have a good collection of errors of all kinds here , if u ask me
let’s get started …

1- typo
indeed, i am aware that a lot of guys fail to realize about this but here the main focus is undoubtedly typo and , as a matter of fact , much effort is expected in terms of typo. What u have here could have been ok maybe years ago but nowadays definitely is not good enough with raising standards , changing trends and so on. U are expected to bring variations, font combinations and possibly touches of originality which will bring much more relief to the table in the end …
2- relief
indeed , i am sorry to say just that but the typo part is kind of very flat at the moment , there are a variety of reason that i started to evoke in the previous point , but this is not limited to this , actually. Part of the rest of the deal is also about sizes and way to make all categories differ from one an other and thus also owing to the fact that u chose to have black and red texts which are not contrasting this much and contribute to flattest things
3- justification
indeed, this is a bit difficult to find logics in the way u flagged the different texts and this is breaking slightly the harmony of what u have here
4- contrast
i would not go as far as saying that u are violating this basic design principle but the fact of the matter is that some elements are clearly not satisfying yet at this point in particular when it goes to titles or lookalike very important parts , like the phone number. This number should be assimilated as we would call a “call to action button” for web things and thus must pop out and have the text very visible, very contrasting and being really outstanding so that the element is given the proper attention and impact that this would be meant to have. One thing to really work with is the footer … there is close to contrast and to no impact , when this area is supposed to contain all personal information and i tend to be believe that this is not super relevant, actually …
5- alignment
this could be improved in terms of this , pls make sure that all things are really aligned perfectly as a template is demanded to be. Pls also keep in mind that as this is a template basically u can all adapt the visual part and content so that u can align every thing perfectly. This is why this is much of an issue apart from being a basic design principle by the way …
6- global style
if the thing is rather tasteful globally, the fact of the matter is that this is sort of lacking originality somehow, too … much has already been made by many other in terms of elements, disposition and colors and for that matter this is difficult to tell that u really bring something new with what u have to offer here …
7- spacing
i have not actually measured things out to check but it seems to me that the spacing is not completely properly done this far. U have to make sure that all the same spacings and everywhere the same throughout the document depending on categories and so on …
8- breathing
the style is slightly crammed but indeed, as for me, this is far from being a problem, my natural style is by the way rather crammed too lol but , if so, u have to make sure that the arrangement is flawless … the major issue that u have here is about the positioning of many elements, texts especially. U cannot place these concerned texts too close from edges unless u take out their attention and impact and bring negative consequences to the whole flyer in the process,s as well … putting the texts so close from edges actually turn out to bring a “choking effect”, u need white space and other respirations so that the visual is looking good. This is particularly true with the logo but for the logo pls see next point
9- z-shape reading
i am not sure that u have heard about it but this is basically describing the way eyes are sweeping across a document , no matter what this is , in order to read it. And what is particularly worth saying in this case is that the logo is properly placed to get the attention but the lack of breathing is indeed killing the fact that u placed the logo properly by taking the impact away from it … otherwise, indeed, in the same topic, let’s talk the talk there is nothing really interesting in impact zones defined by the z-shape reading process … in the very center of the canvas , this is nothing worth cashing the attention and same goes in the bottom right area …