I need your help for approve my design

Dear All,

I had upload one design but was rejected. I can’t not find the reason quality not standard required. Please help me to finish it.

Thank alot

Hi @wy86

which category in graphicriver?
I am not sure that your designs are basic bad colors, need best typography, etc etc but I invite you my friend author @n2n44 he know more I and experience more 17 years. I hope he will help you best this :slight_smile:


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hi this is globally not bad , but to be honest there are many things that u may improve a bit all the same … For me the two main issue that are confronted with are about hierarchy and managing to make text pop out and look more outstanding in the first place and then the typo , which is quite basic to say the least , if u have a good initiative to make colors vary somehow , on the other end , your typo is still lacking originality, variations and font combinations to that u bring some relief to the table and also emphasize the hierarchy. There is something that is much of an issue otherwise that i did not connect to deal with , this is branding! think about it … what is the purpose of this ? make people know the brand, making it being noticed, and strengthening the knowledge that customers will have about brand and products … the problem is , with what u have here , that the logo is lost in the middle of nowhere … (also strangely positioned according to z-shape reading process and focus points …) and this is not even visible … in other words, what u have created here is not super efficient branding wise , this far … so u really need to fix just this too … final point , as all details matter indeed, the presentation is not valuing the item and the work that u have put into it … this is a bit like u make a professional painting and try to make your child create a cardboard frame to surround it lol

thank you for your feedback :blush:

u are welcome :slight_smile: if u feel like u have enough clues to get to know how to take your game to the next level, u can check the “solution” button :slight_smile: