Hard rejected, need your feedback. Thanks

hi this is rather clean but if u ask me , there are several things to comment indeed. First of all this is nice but this quite the same as many other items on this theme lately and they may expect that u bring something new or fresh so that they feel like this is worth the drive adding this product to the catalogue of flyers available. Then, indeed, i think that the torn paper - apart from being overseen, especially for a while now - is not positioned well, i mean at least the upper one, since this is too close from the margin and comes the trimming, indeed, there will be approximately nothing left out of it … Otherwise , i tend to believe that it would be great and better than what u have now if u were introducing some shadows behind the man so that the composition looks more realistic. The typo is sort of clean but also sort of fat , too. not to mention that u have done the same “mistake” as a lot of people do when it comes to hierarchy. Indeed, if u introduce a club or a place, u have to make sure that not only this is very visible, that it gets noticed but also that this is ind of popping out, people potentially buying will expect to do some branding , they certainly want their place or brand to be remembered and not being relegated to “secondary information” status in the end. It looks a but strange to have “speakers” on two separated places , one being well seen on the plain white and the other one, looking good but being hardly seen , unfortunately. Finally, to be honest , i really have no idea of what is supposed to be the thing on the top left corner and i tend to think that i u cannot identify what this is then this either drawing the attention unnecessarily or making the flyer look a bit strange