Hard rejected flyer, thoughts?

can you help me out with this flyer I made. I really don’t know what’s bad, I thought I got the hierarchy right, but it seems like I don’t. How can I improve it?

I also included an instagram version, which I like better:

I think you should try more “wow” effects here maybe

for example in texts and this man and speakers - smoke, explosion behind the man. Main text more solid and more “!!!”

this is party flyer.

I don’t know your time work for this but for me this looks like 1 - 1.5h of work - BUT in same time you can do much more so try. Add more effects

hi i think that the squared version is better than the other one even if this is basically the same design , there is something about colors, the placement of elements like teh date , may things make me say the squared version is higher quality . Though, i globally think that th guy is not selling and that it looks like he has been pasted there … there is something artificial if u ask me. The smoke in both cases looks too compact and on the vertical version the header text is hardly visible , makign u violate a major design principle (contrast). For me the frst version looks like rgb color and honestly i like much more the hues of the second one which looks much more natural … globaly i tend to believe that one of the issues that u have to consider , this is that this is really not that lively a design. Try to bring some originality into it, your “special touch” so to speak

Thank you so much for your replies, as to what you said @Novocaina, I wanted to keep it simple and thought that adding too many elements would make it “busy”

@n2n44 I see what you mean by the contrast, but I don’t think they could hard reject a flyer just for that. And when you’re talking about the guy, do you mean the model himself or the way the photo is edited?
And by the way the first one is CMYK and second is RBG, I don’t know why you think the first is RBG.
But I’ll add more elements to the flyer and make some changes.