Hard Rejected Flyer...Please suggest

Hi guys, this church flyer is hard rejected. Request for your feedback what’s in reviewer’s mind!!

Thanks for your time!

  1. The leaves looks low res and poorly isolated.
  2. The fonts doesn’t work well together
  3. There are too many overlapping elements and overall the flyer is hard to read.

Thanks for feedback

hi if u ask me there are more simple and less interesting things being accepted daily and I rather like this design globally , even if I identify some things that could be improved, as well … maybe the resolution might be a part of the reasons, hard to tell insofar as the whole preview looks a bit low resolution so are the leaves really low res? or is this resulting from exporting? not sure … as for the font combination, this is not matching super well but we see far worse and the items are accepted all the same … now there is a bit of a edgy side to the main font that is not 100% compatible with the hand written style one. But , for me, the main issue is more about text disposition not being matching really well with the z-shape reading process - in other words, the way eyes sweep across any document so that they can read it … - than any other thing. Actually, the positioning and alignment are not really compatible with it, the date is not aligned with the top right corner bullet. By pushing the main title up a bit, the occupation of the space would be way more efficient indeed. Let’s also face it , there are readability issues here Brij … the footer is definitely difficult to read unless u pay a real attention about it … colors fail to contrast enough. Otherwise, the imbrication of “speaker and name” is not done properly this far in my view and this is having a negative impact on this part of the flyer visually speaking … the alignment of this part looks a bit random too or not done properly enough yet … u may also consider turning the yellow parts in beige , there would be an increased homogeneity … lastly , I would also recommend that u drop a smooth shadow behind the model so that she integrates way better in the environment … but to be honest I rather like what u have here , this is far better than a lot of other things , especially as u are one of these people who bring something new in this boring trend of having big character, fonts and a background which usually lead to a lot of flat and uninteresting flyers …

Thanks Nico for feedback :slight_smile:

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