hard rejact

can any one tell me way this flyer rejected

hi, i think that u need to make more with this one, the clock is a bit too big and this is a bit flat as a central element (especially prominent one like this) and u need to make sure that the footer texts are a bit more outstanding and the fonts look better all the same. I think that refining the design with dropping some shadows under the presents would be a great idea also for example


Yes, text is hard to read in parts, and the presents tend to disappear.

If this did get through l suspect that it would be soft rejected and the review team would ask that the Preview image be updated. Well, the text updated, l wouldn’t use the horiz, wave effect with lettering.


hi Shane, for me , indeed, i definitely do not see it being assign through control, especially judging at how they are focusing here on typo and having readable texts …

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