Why frequent reversal of sale items ?

Why sales reversal has so frequent these days. I got sales and after few hours its gets reversal. Let me know what is the problem ?

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Hello @creativevalues

Check this link for more details: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202501334-What-Is-A-Sales-Reversal-

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reversal sales are a disaster for authors … they are more likely to be due to someone doing something wrong about paying for the item (using pirated credit card for instance) and someone asking for a refund (which sounds crazy in a place with a system of quality control attesting that items are professional level enough to be accepted for sale …)

hello @creativevalues

We also sale reversal today, We can’t handle it :frowning:

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sales reversals are unfair and they should not exist … i fail to understand why a big company like this cannot have an insurance or something like this to protect authors from this …

Does insurance for chargebacks and reversals exist?

oh really ?! u mean that insurance for stolen cards is not existing, for instance? (we know that a lot of reversals are linked to guys paying with a stolen credit card) indeed, this is existing and all banks make u pay for extra insurance associated with your credit card , plus, they very often add another one for online shopping , so , as for me this is crystal clear that it does exist …

Insurance like that would be a miracle, but how any insurance company could profit from it is beyond me! :slight_smile:

This is only for the owner of the card, though, and is issued by banks. Keep in mind that banks also charge a merchant fees when disputes are lodged against them, and Envato doesn’t pass those fees onto you.

Unfortunately chargebacks are an issue that everyone in e-commerce must deal with. There is no secret magic method to get around them and if someone told you there is, they lied to you.

If sale reversals didn’t exist, then credit cards wouldn’t either, because nobody would feel safe using them when people can use it without their permission and they have no way to get their money back.

And the main thing to remember is that insurance, on average, always costs more than they pay out… so if Envato did manage to get insurance for this, they’d lose more money on the insurance than they did on the reversals/chargebacks. Or if you were insured by Envao, then you’d lose more money than you did on reversals/chargebacks. Some would be luckier than others… but on average, everyone would lose out.

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@n2n44 Me too again have sales reversal again today, so furstrating


LOL so that means that people where u shop do not get their money if u steal a credit card? u have to be kidding! i am have been working in a law court service taking care of these issues … sellers have always got their money! for numerical who else but big million dollar companies like envato can ask for laws to change? this is the people who had their card stolen who are complaining and ighting to get their money back with the insurance … this is unbelievable and unbearable that our contents are being downloaded, used , sometimes given for free in multiple websites nad that “there is nothing to do” according to u … and that we did not even get the price of single sale! besides, why so very high fees from on every sale, if we cannot have sort of insurance if somethign really bad happens?

so let’s o nothing , let’s be happy to get our items, put in pirate website, used and so on and not to get a single dime for the concerned items, besides, the two of u insurance specialist should thinkk about it , this is normally th person stolen that should lodge a complain and ask insurance for money back … in other words, not necessarily envato , it would depend on the type of infraction in the first place … as for losing more money lol pls tell me where u have fees as high as the one imposed here? i am curious to know … so what are the very subsequent fees for, then? servers? LOL let’s be serious for a second, how the other marketplaces are doing then?

Not sure what you’re trying to say here. If someone disputes a payment to Envato, Envato loses the money. That’s logic. Of course it has to be disputed by the card issuer though, but most banks (at least where I am) do offer guaranteed protection against card theft.

Envato takes fees on sales because they are a business trying to make money. They also need to pay for ThemeFusion’s commercial space flight. :joy: They lose those fees when sale reversals happen.

In the end, this is a per-country issue, it has nothing to do with Envato. If you want to change the laws, perhaps start an international organization to advocate for the removal of credit card disputes. I’m sure people will be happy to jump in and advocate with you. :wink:

I think this all boils down to you still not knowing how reversals/chargebacks work or what they are… and you not knowing how insurance works. It’s not about being happy. I’m not happy that I have to pay rent or for utility bills, but I understand why I do, and there’s not really anything I can do about it.

If you want to spell out your plan in detail for how this would work, then I’d be happy to either A) tell you why it won’t work or B) tell you that’s an amazing idea and join you in your quest to get it implemented.

How do other marketplaces deal with this? Most of them deal with it the exact same way… it’s not just here I get reversals.

yeah i am a perfect ignorant, unlike u who have universal knowledge on every subject lol u see biting irony is not that difficult and i can do too. Indeed , what is a bit more paradoxical is that guys like u with such an incredible overall knowledge can only do one thing , this is helping conservative systems in which the powerful are very well treated unlike the others keep going …

besides, all authors, pls give it up for spacestockfootage, we are all explained that we get stolen with reversals, we get shaven bold but we have to be happy and that this is super fair - so that no solution is required and thinking about one to get rid of reversals is even less expected … this is no use, obviously - that this is perfectly logical that we have guys downloading numerical content, that they can keep it but that we have to give teh money back for what was bought (was there a blackmail for buyers to buy in this marketplace or something?! i thought that they could choose the content that they liked among supposedly recognized professional contents going through a “quality control” so how to justify that a guy asks money back ayway?! - wow , incredible!! this is normal guys that we have guys come here , buy , cancel , keep our stuffs, put them for free download and we do not get a dime for all this, let’s cheer up, this is so much fun!

i am not sure hat u are aware of this but some guys struggle to survive as designers here ? u think this is welcome for these people?

now instead fo thinking of some solution , i will let superior spirits like u think deal with this issue and sit back lol surprisingly we are going to see that things keep unchanged a long while afterwards …

this is said that moderators are not paid by envato but i am very surprised that there is no one - in an already very corporatist place where reviwers are treated like almighty gods - that are as corporate as moderators … aren’t u authors like others? aren’t u interestes in common interest? because let’s face it, even envato would benefit taht a solution is made …

I don’t have universal knowledge, but it’s been made abundantly clear from all your posts regarding reversals that I do know more than you when it comes to reversals.

Nobody is saying they’re happy about reversals, nobody is saying reversals are fair… you’re confusing my acceptance of the situation with me liking the situation. As there’s nothing to do other than accept the situation.

Unless I’m mistaken and you’ve come up with a solution that will reduce or eliminate the authors losing money due to reversals, reduce or eliminate Enavto losing money due to reversals, and genuine buyers aren’t unnecessarily inconvenienced or have to pay more than they would normally? Happy to hear it if so

yeah let’s keep the thing unchanged and let’s keep on providing people with the solution to get their money back as it was done in another thread of these forums (cf https://forums.envato.com/t/help-with-a-logo-that-isnt-to-standard), when the guy had vowed buying the thing, making it re-edited and using it but was asking to have money back all teh same … all this is sooooo natural

Can you please clarify what you think a sale reversal is, and what Envato should do to fix it?

Someone asking for their money back is a refund request, not a sale reversal.

You’re right… I see that now. Ok, I’m with you dude… let’s do this! What’s the plan?

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Hello @creativevalues @n2n44 @SpaceStockFootage @baileyherbert

I received reply from envato about sale reversal

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oh because u think that when u have a refund that is asked that u have no consequence on your account? LOL if the refund is asked u get a sale reversal and are taken the money back …

yeah obviously i am saying stupid things but i am asked to solve all the problems , so that people just tell me this is impossible without providing me with any decent explanation of the reason why this is impossible … i have never said i am the lethal weapon and i have THE solution to all problems, but at least i am trying to think about it and stres what is wrong or not fair …

in the past, they “absorbed”? when? back in 2007? LOL as for me i have joined in 2013 and have never been facing what they mentioned but reversals (fortunately not too often) that resulted in the money to be cancelled … and some times my items being stolen and given for free download, surprisingly enough … as for disabled accounts of people being responsible of reversals lol wow , they have to create a new one, what an obstacle lol