I just had someone do a reversal? why is this and do they have to leave a reason? :S

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There is no any solution about this issue, unfortunately.

can Envato disclose the full details to me of the person who did the reversal?

I am not 100% on it but I would highly doubt it due to privacy

We can do nothing :frowning:
May be a fake credit card, or failed transaction

hi buddy, well indeed, this is a rather common thing and i assume that most of us have been going through something like this at a time, besides, i was talking to a friend and the both of us had been having the same thing by the same guy … a good way to get files for free and for guys to spread an item over the internet without they even spend the price of one item … i cant’ believe that this can be accepted that numerical files can be downloaded and so on that they are possibly refunded, and what envato? they do no have an insurance so that we can keep the sale of the small amount of money made? once again authors are the great losers

In fairness to envato they are fully aware of this activity and do all they can (e.g. removing file from accounts to prevent further downloads and more) in a difficult situation which for the most part is beyond their control.

Of course it is awful that people can/would try to mess with the system dishonestly, I do fully sympathize with authors who suffer from these situations, and no one wants to see buyers or authors lose out; but what else can they do?

It’s the same with all other marketplaces and I am certain if anyone has any suggestions as to how envato could counter organizations the size of banks and PayPal then they would be glad to hear them.

@Stuffx if you email envato then I am sure they will do their best to shed any light on it that they can. Frustrating thought it is sometimes it’s easier to just focus on the positive buyers and sales.

we all identify this, Charlie (but this is good that u mentioned about it all the same), however , i have trouble to understand how can a reversal be “accepted by all”. Actually, aren’t there insurances and so on to make sure that all don’t get cheated? we know that part of the reversals are due to the fact that some guys buy some items with stolen credit cards and i identify that’s hard to fight against, no doubt … . What i am surprised with is that i realized a short while ago that some sites that we had reported as being cheating people here are still continuing activity and i can’t figure out how they can … let’s face it they are stealing people and violating rights and in the end they can keep on working sort of quietly despite people have reported violations … not to mention that we are not talking about a few isolated cases or items, some of them are hosting hundreds or maybe thousands of creations … which is hurting everyone 's businesses

I do see your concerns but unfortunately a lot of the warez sites etc. simply don’t care - they have all sorts of loopholes etc. and in many cases are not concerned with being told to remove files, threatened with legal action and so on.

On a side note - envato are not copyright owners so any requests to remove files need to come from authors but from envato or authors does not change the fact that in many many cases it just won’t work.

As with reversals it is not that envato don’t care nor do not want to stop this but there is simply nothing more that they can do. Banks will always support their customers over envato with reversals and if these pirate sites choose to ignore requests to remove files - what can envato do? It’s not like this a problem exclusive to envato - it’s the same with just about any digital marketplace like this out there.

Again if people have any suggestions for them I am certain they would like to hear them