SALES Reversal

Today I got a SalesReversal…:

1- The ITEM was clearly described in the ITEM DESCRIPTION. I think it couldn’T be “clearer”. And we were clearly stated our CONTACT information everywhere. If they had questions, they could easily ask it. But they didn’t.

2- User DOWNLOADED the Item.
So they have it now, no matter the sale is reversed or not.
They will use it, for sure.

3- The user was clearly aware about what they were buying at the first place.
Because our item’s interface also lets our users perform tests even before they purchase the item itself.

So, what can be a reason for a sales reversal?
What’s the problem here? (Was it a payment error or something like that?)

The 99% of sales reversal are fake accounts. Envato can’t do anything. The only can is to ban this account. There are too many topics (old forum) about sales reversal issue. There is no any solution, unfortunately.

How can be NO SOLUTION?
Is it that easy? Is this the case?

If that was a fake account, that’s not my problem.
I want my hardwork’s money back, it’s my right.

Are we supposed to work hard to give our items for free?

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Yes. I had sales reversal too… Don’t worry, i know how you feel. Is not from envato, all is about paypal. These answers i got from users at my old topic about sale reversal. I want my money back too… Still wait… :smiley:

Already contacted EnvatoSupport about this.

I hope you find a solution…

Thanks for all your feedback, friend, wish you a great weekend.
So you’re saying that it may not be an abuse but a Paypal problem or something like that?

I wish you a great weekend too! : -)
All is about paypal… Mostly fake accounts, do this action because use our items for free downloading at torrent sites.

And about sale reversal, i contact days ago with paypal, and can’t find a solution about this issue. So i hope you find a solution here, but as i know (i had an old contact with envato) envato don’t take any money of your item. That’s why can’t envato help you, to give you back your money.

This is some line of my email contact with paypal team about sale reversal issue:
"… We will review the case and decide if you’re eligible for a refund. "

So, as i understand, if the paypal user, say for example: “I buy this item from this marketplace and have bugs, or can’t download, bla bla bla”. Paypal after review his comment, decide to give his money back.

Something like that…

I contacted the support team once and this is what I got:

Just to let you know, after 1 day of that reversal, my item was uploaded to many warez sites…

It runs deeper than PayPal, it’s mainly the credit card company.

Fake buyers call and say they didn’t authorize the transaction(s) and PayPal or whatever website has to comply. I don’t even think PayPal has a protection program for selling digital goods when it comes to these situations. I’ve actually read stories where PayPal has to do a thorough investigation and even though the seller has evidence of a mutual sales transaction, the money was still refunded.

The fake buyer gets their money back, but they also keep the project they’ve already downloaded. It’s extremely difficult to prove if the buyer legitimately bought it or “someone bought it without their permission” - which is why these things usually go sour for the seller.

Yes yes, same answer. And unfortunately we have to solve another solution: Warez sites.

As i know paypal is the only accept reversal, right guys?

Others have them, it’s just some have protection programs that extend further than PayPal (I believe). I’m betting majority of buyers use PayPal since it’s well branded, so you may hear about it far more often.

–***“What has happened here is that an unauthorized purchase”***

Hi friends, and thanks for all the replies ; I really appreciate it.
Sorry if this is a weird question but, WHAT makes a purchase unauthorized ?

They paid (are they?) and downloaded the item, right?

My item had 700 views at the day when it was pirated and unfortunately there’s no solution…

I think envato need to find a solution about this issue. We have too many updates (forum, badges, etc), i think there is some tip about piracy and envato purchases. I don’t know… maybe envato need to do a seriously contact with paypal, because as i understand paypal team don’t care too much if their paypal users are real persons or fake.

If a buyer claims someone else used their credit card/paypal without their permission = unauthorized.

They don’t know if the buyer is fake or real, all they know is the buyer is complaining about how “something is wrong, they didn’t purchase the project” and by those terms they’ll receive their money back.

And for the sake of god ; how can an unauthorized purchase happen?
Are they using “12345” as their PayPal account’s / email account’s password or what?

Or just “claiming” would be enough?

Here’s how PayPal see it I would assume:

Say you have a PayPal account, and someone got into it some how and bought some projects. You contact your credit card/PayPal and say you didn’t do such thing, you would receive your money back. I guess the way it’s suppose to be fair is you get your money back and they get their product back…

but for digital goods you keep the project and the money since there’s no way to “undownload” the project.

I really appreciate your patience on this, friends, thanks very much.

This is unfair.
Our product is already downloaded, and not only that, it’s also possible that those pirates are uploading our precious work to illegal sites which we absolutely get NO HELP FROM ENVATO to deal with those pirates.

1-They download my work.
2-They download it for free.
3-They upload it to pirate site.
4-I got nothing.
5-They make money.

ENVATO, Please do something about this.