Dealing with Sales Reversals

Hi there Audiojunglers,

today I’ve noticed that my sales balance was going backwards. Turned out that I had a sales reversal. My very first one and I have to admit it deosn’t feel good. I was a bit disappointed, because it was a bigger company. I’m sure many people have seen their videos or at least know their name.

I have to admit that I have a problem with sale reversales when it comes to digital goods. It can be exploited too easily. And I mean it’s 19 bucks… c’mon guys… In my case, I don’t know what exactly happened. Could be a problem with the payment, could also be a dishonest customer. If it’s the customer, then I really hope they couldn’t download my file before the sales reversal.

There are already some good threads on this:

Would be good if Envato would block customers who are doing sales reversales regularly.

If an account did a sales reversal then Envato will auto block the account. And remember sales reversal is different from refund. Sales reversal came from disputed payment on paypal or credit card side. Got that once, and surely it’s not a pleasant experience.

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today i have 2 reversal sale, so boring :frowning:

I hope you’re right and they got blocked. I don’t know if they could download my item tough. I’ve opened a support ticket. Another thing worth to mention is that the shows this company is producing is also often seen on TV. Of course this is speculation, but I believe they would have needed a broadcast license.

FASSounds is indeed right. Sales reversal is a payment dispute and is the result of fraud. Either the payment method was stolen and rightful owner had the payment canceled, or the buyer decided they didn’t want to pay for the item for whatever reasons. Both cases are frauds and the Envato account is immediately locked.

Usually sale reversals come from anonymous account with generic name (ie: M Brown, Smith,…) when it is the former case.

In your case, since it was a known company, this definitely raises questions. You should ask support if their account was indeed locked, if it was a genuine account. If this doesn’t go anywhere, contact the company directly and ask them (nicely) what happened.

Hope you get it sorted out.

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It seems to be a problem with the payment. Hope Envato figures this out: