Three reversal sales in a row

Hello, beautiful community!
Am I the only unlucky fella who has three reversal sales just in one day? Or maybe there are some problems with payment systems or banks? Anyone experiencing the same?


Just got one reversal today. These do happen every now and then, but maybe just a coincidence :thinking:


you can get knowledge about reversal from here

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Are they from the same buyer?

I was waiting a bit better license for a while and it finally happened. After few hours shock :frowning:
Btw I did not have sale reversal at least year ago, till now.
Hope @Envato will protect as a bit better from this “heart attack”.

Stay safe


Ouch! This really sucks, sorry for you!


Nope, not even from the same continents. This is why it’s surprising me.

I suppose, the reversal was from Thailand? I had exactly the same News style track reversal!

Yes it was. Sorry to hear it happened to you too. As I said, Envato needs to protect us from buyers like this one from Thailand. Cheers


Recently, I’ve had 2 reversal sales of music broadcast & film license from the same buyer :weary:

Envato processes those reversals in batches, which may be why you got them at the same time.

Can imagine what it must feel like, this is terrible. Were you able to identify the buyer? If so, you should make sure they’ve been banned from Envato (as they’re supposed to be), and maybe contact them to ask them what’s up, and make sure they are not using your music fraudulently.

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Two months ago I’ve got 7 in one day.

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I think it wouldn’t help. Envato often answers that everything’s ok. And, to be honest, I think it was a buyer’s mistake. Of course I may be wrong :upside_down_face:
Anyway, thanks for your advice. I’ll consider that.

It happened to me as well, but I am 1000% sure this is honest. I am selling here for almost 11 years and I never doubted Envato’s honesty!!!

It is just an unfortunate happening…

Just to make sure I wasn’t misunderstood.
I’m not saying Envato is plotting against authors (in the case of sales reversal at least). A sale reversal is an action by a payment gateway initiated by the buyer. I just think it’s a good thing to make sure that the buyer who initiated this reversal is not using the asset anyway.

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You’re right.