Sale reversal...


Today I got sale reversal, what is great news as well as my hangover after yesterday party.
So, accourding to FAQ it says that I am safe, and my tracks are not stolen.


How this would help me if buyer already purchased, downloaded and might use my items in his project right now for 100% free? This is just ridiculous. This IS actually a refund, because it is not a problem to create several accounts, have a few credit cards, etc, etc…

Reversals on files you can preview, download and try in your projects always baffle me… why?

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I think some refund caused by cancelled transactions from the paypal side. So either the buyer email to paypal to cancel their transactions because of some mistakes or fraudulent of credit cards. And that’s out of Envato’s control, I ever had that kind of reversal too :confused:

Sale reversals are not the same as refunds. As FASSounds said, it’s the result of a fraudulent activity. In most cases, the person initiating the reversal is also a victim. Now, what seems unfair, is that while the Paypal account owner is compensated, we are not.

Thats not good. :confused:

Yesterday I have reversal for purchase 3 months ago. So someone uses files for 3 months and then decides to get full refund. Is this fair?

Welcome to the club.
Two things on Envato indicate you becoming an established and famous author - sales reversal and pirating of your items. That’s just the way digital business is. Everybody gets reversals sometimes. I got two on my most expensive item.

@FASSounds is right, reversal occurs when bank or PayPal performs a chargeback.

Authors were compensated back in a day, Envato would just absorb the loss. But as we all know from the last year’s withholding tax situation, Envato doesn’t like loosing money, so they learned to trace reversals properly and link them to authors, so authors loose money instead of Envato.

@Fragile_Audioroom they don’t decide to get a refund, they intended to get an item for free in the first place. It’s just that sometimes chargeback can take quite a lot of time, plus Envato instantly blocks the account, performing the reversal, so they might’ve been using that account for some more purchases before doing reversals.

FYI, if someone uses Paypal to make a payment for a digital good, and then that person disputes it, it’s an automatic reversal on digital goods. They will not ask the merchant for their side of the story, they will just give an automatic refund. It happened to me for a fairly decent amount, but in that case I’m fairly certain someone was using a stolen credit card, so the reversal was probably justified. I’m sure other payment vendors and credit card companies probably have similar policies in place, because digital goods don’t leave much of a paper trail.

Unfortunately, fraud will always be a part of doing business, digital or otherwise.

As far as I know a customer cannot request a sale reversal, only a refund.