Sale reversal.

So yesterday I had a sale reversal on a pack. That sale was 2 months ago, apparently the buyer was in hibernation and checked the item 2 months after, unsatisfied.
I ask you, Envato. I go to a store, I buy a T-shirt. A couple of years after, I go back to that store, return that T-shirt and get my money back. Logic right?
Why you got this kind of policy in sale reversals? Give the buyer a small amount of time to check the item, and be able to return it if he’s not satisfied.
I’m sure that guy is using all four of my tracks in his projects right now for free.


A sale reversal is not a refund if you’d read any of the other topics on the same issue. :slight_smile:

A refund is a refund.
A sale reversal is when the buyer goes to their credit card company, or PayPal, or bank, or whatever, and says “This was not me who bought this!” or “They didn’t deliver what I asked for!” etc. And then the bank, PayPal, credit card company, whatever they paid with, takes the money from Envato directly. And so to avoid losing money, Envato takes the funds out of your account.

More information…

So what can you do about it, you ask?

So what can Envato do about it, then?

This is the cost of selling things online, and this will not be the last time this happens to you, no matter where you sell.


Thank you for the info. I highly doubt it is the same on every other RF site though. At least it hasn’t happened to me or to someone I know yet.

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It’s the same for anything purchased with Paypal or a credit card… doesn’t matter if it’s a stock site, Amazon, Ebay or even if it’s a transaction made in person.

The only difference is that some companies might absorb the cost of the reversal, so that you don’t lose any money. They’re probably going to be relatively small companies though… for larger companies like Envato, that would be pretty costly.