Sale reversal for a purchase made 4 months ago?



Yep, it just happened. How is this possible? What could have happened?
I understand that many times this happens due to some fraudulent activity or disputed payments, but please! Four freakin months after the purchase? What is going on here?


Yes, sales reversal is different from refund. I had that unpleasant things too. :confused:


Yup, I just had one today, too. Sucks. :rage:


I think the team of AJ should do at the deadline … like a week before return ))) for example !)? ??? what do you think ?


Hey there, while these experiences are indeed very unpleasant, most of these happen due to payment gate fraudulent activities that are detected and resolved. There’s not much we can do about it but I can guarantee Envato is constantly fighting against these things! Cheers! :slight_smile:


Is this like on Amazon, “30 days money back guarantee”?


No it’s not. Envato does not initiate/allow/process the reversal. A sale reversal means that the payment provider (Paypal) has simply canceled the transaction. Envato does not have a say in this matter. All they can do is ban the fraudulent buyer.


That’s correct! :slight_smile:


or to reduce the return time !


No, you seem to have missed the point. This not a return nor a refund. And it’s not in the hands of Envato.


Let me explain this in an easy way. In case someone uses a fake credit card ( and those are usually rejected instantly and accounts automatically locked ) and the payment does somehow go through then one of the following scenarios will happen.

The payment gate will reverse the sale and so will Envato and the account will be locked.
Envato will detect fraudulent activities, reverse the sale and the account will be locked.

In either case, this is not something initiated by the buyer. It’s an automatic response system. Buyers that initiate these things show up as refunds.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


@Enabled If the buyer pay with Paypal and want a refund, he open the dispute at Paypal contact the seller (in this case Envato, because money flow is Customer->Envato), if the seller doesn’t respond within 21 days, money is automatically returned to the buyer.
My question is: Does Envato “fight” for us? Does Envato respond to PayPal dispute?


Of course they fight for us! Envato has Terms of Services that apply to buyers which they breach if they dispute transactions directly with PayPal. Their accounts get locked until the dispute is over with all their files and credits in them. Envato solves these issues in-house ( per say ) using the refund system in hand now. If buyers cross that system Envato will of course fight for the author and of course impose their terms of service which everyone agrees to when creating an account.


This still does not explain how could it take four months to detect the fraud and reverse the sale. :frowning:


That’s not up to Envato, payment gates detect it if it gets past Envato. So … my previous answer still stands … sorry guys … there’s not much that can be done about this.


Good to know what “sale reversal” actually means, I also mistakenly thought it was up to the buyer. Thanks for the explanation!


Very glad to have helped. Don’t stress about these guys. Every company on the planet that deals with online payments is unfortunately subjected to these kinds of issues. These things sadly happen and everyone is constantly fighting against them, but when one does slip through, no one wins.


Just got this night sale reversal… sadness :sweat:
Is it possible that this “buyer” purchased the track, uploaded to some YouTube, verify this purchase on AdRev and after all of this made a reversal? Interesting


Same [removed_by_mod] here. I have noticed that reports about sales reversal increased in a previous month or two. I havent had a one until september of 2016, now it happens quite often. Its kinda interesting. I have read about “fake credit cards”, canceled PayPal transactions, etc,etc but I simply do not understand the purpose of it if you need to purchase licensed digital goods. On the other side, I can start account, purchase on $ 1000, download items and then just make PayPal refund and thats it.Account will be banned but who cares if I have items downloaded on my harddrive. Cool.

@Enabled they " fighting" does not help or they “fighting” really bad, since someone might use my stuff on TV/Broadcast for free now. Me and envato, we both lost our money. It is serious issue in security system, which must be fixed.


You are right my friend, this sucks for those like us selling digital goods, but it’s not something just related to us or Envato marktplace… It’s how the whole Internet works and applies to videogames, movies and well, even Amazon sales.
IS there a way to stop this?

Well, as long as you are accepting debit/credit cards payment there’s not much to do (or do you want to stop perceiving money from all the PayPal users in the world?).

Let’s say Envato begins asking for ID documents to the buyers… Lol, I can already see 50% of them migrating somewhere else.

…so, yeah this sucks. But think about it, how’d you solve?