Sale reversal 3 months after purchase - Is it normal?

Today I’ve got sale reversal for purchase from 30 Jan 2017. I’m just curios - is it normal?

Abuse abuse abuse.

I have not had any refunds yet (Thank God). But in general I think it would be necessary to introduce rules for the return of tracks or some time (for example, not more than a month). One of my friends returned in 8 months, and this is not very good. The video was shot, the track was put on video, and then it was returned. It’s like renting a car and taking it back. Only for renting a car money back does not return) It would be nice to correct this issue in Envano’s rules.

mine has a sale reversal of last year november

Sales reversals have nothing to with Envato’s rules. They are not refunds. A sale reversal is the result of the transaction being canceled by the payment provider (PayPal, Banks,…). For Envato and authors it’s fraud plain and simple.

@PurpleFogSound this means that we must somehow fight this in any case.

Envato does. Any account that generates a sale reversal is immediately terminated.

All questions can be resolved, there are no unsolvable questions)

Usually after sale reversal a colleges from VH are calling me (thanks for that) for an unauthorized upload for the same project outside envato network. So we all make the connection. But what are those payment verifications 3 or more months after the purchase. That is my question?

People have six months to initiate a charge back through PayPal, or their credit card provider.

so, they can downloaded your file - they have your ae template, your motion graphic etc

but then after six month - what?

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OK here is some from the Envato Help:

"Why has a Sales Reversal occurred?
There are a variety of different reasons a reversal may occur, but two broad groups are:

  • The transaction was disputed by the payment gateway (Paypal, Skrill,
    credit card) (eg. The payment gateway’s customer reported the
    transaction as fraudulent)
  • The transaction was disputed by the customer with their payment
    issuer because they feel the did not receive what they paid for in some

Ok the first one is as a result of payment problem. But the second one - I don’t get it. How actually a piece of digital copy can be disputed when it was ordered and that piece is at your system. Ok you don’t have the public license anymore and download link at your page but it’s already at your PC/Mac and you can use it for home education etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember to have the ability to make reversal when I’m getting the E3D license from Video copilot.


You can dispute pretty much any payment with your payment provider. You probably don’t remember having the ability to do so just because it’s unlikely you were specifically looking for it. Sometimes reversals are a necessary evil for stolen cards or hacked accounts, and unfortunately, sometimes they can be fraudulent. However, there’s not really anything that can be done about them. Envato can’t stop chargebacks from happening, the money is taken from them automatically.

As long as it’s less than six months then yes… they can dispute the charge, get their money back, and as long as they downloaded the file, they will still have access to it. If the person who downloaded the file is the same as the person disputing the payment that is.


Well maybe it will be good if authors can see what is the reason for the reversal - person or payment provider dispute.

I’m having trouble imagining an instance where it wouldn’t be the person who instigates the chargeback. The payment provider might prompt it, by contacting the payee and saying “hey, we’ve noticed some suspicious activity on your account… can you confirm if you recognise this payment?” but that’s about it.

It’s probably quite rare a payment provider would reverse a payment without input from the person.

I had 3 sales reversal on videohive

In two years from 907 sales? That’s pretty good! Make sure you touch some wood to be on the safe side.