Purchase Reversal Refund After 9 Weeks

A customer from India bought 3 tracks at Dec 31 / 2020 and now after 9 weeks it’s been reversed and the money is withdrawn from my account.

How is this possible after 9 WEEKS???

Is this a fraud?

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Sale Reversals are always technically frauds.

Same situation: 2 items 27 Dec/2020 Singapore customer reversed

Is this the first time you get a reversal?

I had a U-turn today, although it’s been a month and a half since the sale, I don’t understand how this is possible?

That’s insane…i can’t believe it.

Mates, this is the real welcome to audiojungle, right now… if you think it can be worst, let´s wait and see…
The new normality.


It hurts, even it will hurts till the 5 or 6 reversal… unfortunately… then you understand this happen…

Of course it hurts we aren’t car sales people were artists right?

What kind of policy makes this even possible? I’ts not like once had sent back a pair of shoes.

Our tracks are still on the computers of these people (I have words for those I just cant write down here)

But the main problem is Envato in my view. What business lets return digital goods after 9 weeks. I’ve never seen such a disgrace before.

Time ago, this was impossible, dont ask me when this began, when this “feature” started, i dont remember, but it began…

I think a seller on amazon must feel like this being completely surrender by the sheer power of the platform.

Funny that envato claims to be a fair business High horses - high horses I’d say

When did you think this is different? you are offering an “item”, like amazon does…

So Envato has no kind of insurance policy against fraudulent charges? They just take the money directly out of the authors account to reimburse themselves? And this can be done at any point in time, even months after the original sale?

Just trying to understand how this works, as someone who is relatively new here.

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Every business in the world that accepts PayPal and Visa/Mastercard as payment options.

Although they don’t let them ‘return’ goods… that would be a refund (even if nothing is actually ‘returned’)… they’re just subject to chargebacks/reversals.

The time limit in such cases is usually a maximum of 180 days after purchase.

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Yes I would also very much like to understand this

This has nothing to do with Envato. The payment was cancelled at the payment gate level (Paypal most likely, or banks). This could be due to several scenarios:

-The buyer thought this was a legitimate way to get a refund and unknowingly committed payment fraud
-The item was bought with stolen payment information and the victim had the fraudulent payment made in their name cancelled.

As this is an issue at the payment provider level, this actually always existed. Envato was simply supporting the loss on their own. At one point they decided to share the loss with the authors.

That said, of course, it’s infuriating when we get one (or more) of those. We authors and Envato have been scammed.

I understand the concept and appreciate this. Everyone can be a victim of a stolen credit card so good thing to have the chance to get your money back.

But in this case the costumer apparently runs a video production business easy to find by google.
So very unlikely some one who has abused his card would buy music tracks in particular.

At least I hope envato takes the minute of effort to find out and bann those people from envato not just only to spare other authors from that crap.

In the other hand and that I rather believe its just like amazon they don’t care what happened to any product, shipment or what so ever. What ever story you tell them you got your refund. Which means the small business seller has to bite the dust.

All accounts/downloads are suspended if they do a chargeback/reversal and are only unlocked under certain circumstances.

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what does it mean that accounts are suspended, does this apply to the authors too?