Feel cheated...Sale reversal after 4 month use.

I just got sale reversal on one of my tracks after 4 month. Someone who used my music somewhere for 4 months and then just returned the money. Bravo, I applaud standing! How is this possible? After all, the client can download the preview and understand whether the track is suitable for him or not before the purchase?

A sale reversal is different from a refund. A sale reversal is the canceling of the transaction at the payment gate level. In most cases, the cause is payment fraud.

Not much you can do about it unfortunately.


This client did not receive the track without a watermark? Just this a sale reversal process took 4 months? p.s. Sorry, this is my first sale reversal.

He probably did take it and after few months he cancelled the purchase from his credit card company.
I had a similar case, a production studio made a youtube video with one of my templates and after a couple of months this sale was reversed. The only thing I could do is sending a DMCA trough Youtube.
It happens.

There is no way to know for sure. There could be several scenarii.

For instance, a buyer may have tried to buy your track with a stolen card, only to get immediately locked out of their account upon submitting their payment information. In that case, buyer never had access to your item. The system then takes some time to “regulate” your account and remove that sale that never was. This is the best scenario for you, as the “buyer” never did get your music.

Or, the transaction was validated, buyer did get your item, and after some time the transaction was denounced by the real owner of the payment card. In this case, the thieves have gotten away with your music. This is bad, as it means thieves got your music and can now distribute it illegally.

Another possibility, is that for some reason the buyer was real, but for whatever reason decided they didn’t want to pay for it, or wanted a refund but didn’t know how to apply for one. In this case, you want to make sure buyer stopped using your music, as they didn’t pay for it.

In all cases, Envato immediately lock those accounts upon having the sale reversed.