3 reversals in a row in the end of month

I hoped to finish this month without reversals (it would be great as usually I have at least 1 reversal a month) but it ended up with three reversals in two subsequent days - 2 reversals from Switzerland and 1 from UK. It’s disappointing.
Would like to know your experience with reversals on Envato.


No one can’t do anything about this issue!
Helpful article to understanding Sale reversal.

I can inform you that who get reversal he will not able to download your item anymore.


Got one reversal on the 29th from Germany. It truly is discouraging even though Envato has nothing to do with this. It’s freeloaders who think it’s fine to steal our hard work. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one though I’m not sure that’s a good thing. At least envato doesn’t charge us a chargeback fee like paypal or stripe do.

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No one can’t do anything! Maximum time its happen from Credit card purchasers!
Its a fraud process if someone credit card are stolen then he report at bank then they pull few days or month all of transaction.

Excuse my ignorance on this subject, can you please explain me in detail how this could happen?, Maybe I am understanding wrongly, a buyer that pretends to have your item for free, and then reverse the payment, but using your file anyway??, Is that a reversal payment? And why do people can do that after two or three months of buying your item?, Is that correct?.
Thanks in advance for your answer, and just in case, it’s not my case, I’m only curious.

Yes, it’s a payment reversal, not something that Envato has power over.

It’s people paying with stolen credit cards or PayPal reversals, so Envato has to send the money back to the payment provider, so the Author has to give the money back to Envato.


Buyer “buys” the item with their credit card, downloads it and then calls their bank to let them know they didn’t purchase it so their bank gives them their money back.

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