What's up Envato!


What is going on Envato? This month is so weird!

I am getting 3 - 5 sales every day, and 2 - 3 of those sales are getting reversed after ~15 min from the purchase time.

I am facing this since 28 Jan every single day!

Any ideas? I am sorry, but It starts to be suspicious!

I also had several reversals right after purchase last week, it’s really disappointing…

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Any replies Envato? I lost 8 sales till now. :slight_smile:

Hey @DoughouzForest,

Sales reversals happen as a result of payment processors (for example: a bank) reversing transactions that have previously been cleared. Sales reversals can be for a number of reasons, but at the end of the day they are not created by us. Sales Reversals are initiated by a bank or payment processor (Paypal, Skrill, Mastercard and so on) and we (Envato’s finance team) have to adhere to them.

Honestly, it happens. We know sales reversals are pain for authors. They’re a pain for us too, but they’re a reality of running an online marketplace at scale. We have an amazing team of people here at Envato dedicated to securing our platforms and preventing this kind of activity, but unfortunately there is no way to completely prevent them.

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Hi Mat,

Thanks for your reply,

I see, however, we are talking about 8 sales and 2 sales lost every day, so you saying that 2 from 3 sales every day are getting reversed due the bank issues?

Not at all. Overall, sales reversals only apply to a small minority of the transactions that take place on the Envato ecosystem. Your experience with them is unique, as would be any other author.

There’s no pattern or “ratio” behind reversals.

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